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Make love AND war!



I am a free girl and I can obey anyone I like.

Make love AND war!

mistacat maintains the following communities:
wodehouse - a community for fans of P.G. Wodehouse
waywt - What are you wearing today?
qooc - Quoted-Out-of-Context
communalschool - de-discombobulating the masses
whatsinyourbag - What's in your bag?
randomwriting - Random writing about anything from anyone
wiysb - What's in your sketchbook?
taokahker - The Adventures of Krom & His Knowledge-Extraction Ray

mistacat reads or participates in the following communities:
harminasdisastr - Harm*na's Disaster
wdyb - What did you borrow from the library?
whatimeating - What I'm Eating
camarilla - The Official Camarilla Livejournal

You are neat. -- Sati

"We are what we are. Her opinion cannot change that." -- Goliath, from Gargoyles

"I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." -- wooden camel

Hallo. I'm MistaCat, and I don't know squat.

I no longer live in the middle of nowhere, and despite leaving some important things behind (my cats, for instance :( ), I'm very happy where I am.

The Camarilla and its charitable members have saved my life.

I used to work at an online gaming store--this place was also intrinsic in saving my life, as they are the reason I found the Cam.

I take pictures. You can see some of them, including ones of my dogs, on my lj gallery. (The lundehund isn't mine, but he's very cuddly.)

(this is a joke)


"We're all gonna meet Janis some day, but it won't be in Texas."

My interests are many and varied; the official interests list is not a reasonable representation, as it tops out at 150. There used to be long lists of other interests on this profile. Those are now stored here.

I have a Lifelong To-Do List. Some of it is silly, some of it isn't. I hope to do all of it.

I claimed veronicabat at claim_a_ljuser, years ago, and I'm a Cancer, so I can't delete that.

It may not be what you think.
Reclaim the Swastika: The symbol for spiritual victory
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